New to Forum, in market for 351m toy hauler

Hello everyone, I currently am not an owner of a Grant Design but am an owner of a Forest River Rickwood 5th wheel. We are considering the Momentum 351m toy hauler. We love the floor plan and it is conducive to our needs and wants. Does anyone have one of these units? Please let me know your thoughts on this model.

I don’t own a Momentum but I do own a Reflection TT. So I can’t talk specifics to the model but I can to GD. I came from Keystone and have been extremely happy with them. I am going through a issue right now where my rig it years out of warranty. I brought up to the team at GD I needed a replacement door to a cabinet that has started to crack. The people on the phone asked for pictures, sent them and they indicated that this was a manufacturing defect and not from wear and tear. They actually shipped a new door to my dealer as long as I was willing to install it. I know this sounds like a minor thing but the fact they stand behind the craftsmanship of the trailer is really important to me.

We are looking to upgrade TT soon. That little bit of customer service is why we are exclusively looking at a new GD product.

Good luck, hope you become part of the family!

I purchased a Momentum recently. It is a different floorplan, for those wondering here is what @FundsRLow is looking at:

My draw to the Momentum is the flexibility and as everyone is bound to talk about the reputation from GD. Being younger I like that it is not all Oak wood and designed like a nursing home. It is modern and elegant, and well put together. My understanding is GD has strengthened the 5th wheels chassis by making changes to the Lippert stock 5th wheel chassis. It has been warrantied for full-time use so you can see how they think about their construction. If I had one criticism is that I wish the bed was in a slideout and the front cap was the closet. It just makes the bedroom feel that much bigger than the closet. Hehe :laughing: hope someone from GD reads this!

For us the toy hauler is great because we can use the garage not only for motorcycles but for a dedicated extra room with their own entrance, bathroom and exit. This allow us to bring kids, grandkids and friends and let them be on their own schedule without disturbing us. I would get the sofa/dinette upgrade personally. We ended up using the dinette for eating but also the occasional work or games.

Thanks for the input.

@FundsRLow what are you going to haul? Do you have something in mind, I don’t think any Rockwood’s come in a toy hauler. What tow vehicle do you have?

Rockwood has the Thunderbolt XLR Toy-haulers with some nice layouts. I’ll be hauling two 4 wheelers/quads and a couple of light kyaks. I have a 2005 Ram 3500 5.9 Cummins turbo diesel dually 4 wheel drive. It doesn’t have the tow capacity as the newer trucks or payload capacity but It is a work horse so I keep that in mind in what TH I decide on.
Before biting the bullet I am going to look at the Keystone Road Warrior and the Rockwood Thunderbolt but leaning toward the GD Momentum 351m.

I am not going to lie, most RV today have a fairly similar construction. The details are different, and GD does go the extra mile such sealed corners, beefed up construction in some areas. None of this is unique to them.

However when you see they have a warranty for 5 years for the decal because they know people hate their rigs peeling in a few years and reinforced 5th wheel chassis that makes a difference. I came from a Keystone product, I would never purchase one again. For us the key issue was the laminated flooring in humidity starts over year to buckle. So we developed soft spots walking around the floor. True plywood flooring and warrantied for full time use is just some of the reasons we went with GD.

Good luck and hope you see you around here!

Yes we have a brand new Momentum. As far as the product delivered, it was really well inspected. I found one major issue that I was not happy with which was a gap in a cabinet and a leak from the kitchen sink. The gap was filled by the dealer and the sink fitting tightened. I did raaz the dealership how in the world nobody caught that during the PDI at GD.

This is a seriously good video from some owners that detail the construction of the Momentum. This is the happiest we have been with a new RV, this being the 3rd brand new 5er we have purchased.

Great video thank you.