New owner here.... 😊

Hellooooo all!! I’m so happy to be the proud owner of a 2020 Imagine xls and join this forum of RV enthusiasts who CLEARLY have good taste! Interestingly, when choosing a model category for this forum I don’t see mine? ( 22 MLE) Anyway, I chose the closest. :woman_shrugging:
My first-and undoubtedly not my last ? is: re: the black tank flush system. The owners manual says when flushing/cleaning the black tank to “Be sure the black tank GATE VALVE is in open position.” I know what the DUMP VALVE is, as well as the DRAIN VALVE… but where’s the GATE VALVE??
Thanks in advance and happy camping :camping:

Welcome! Gate valves and dump valves are same thing. It’s what you pull open to drain your tanks. When you drain your black tank and then RINSE well with the Black Tank Flush connected to your hose, keep the black tank valve open in case you walk away and forget you’re filling your black tank. Guess what happens if you forget and overfill your black tank??? Terrible and unspeakable things!! Net result is likely a sewage backup inside your new camper. Good luck and have fun! I suggest you consider signing up for a daily online news subscription that’s free and super informative called RV Travel.

Thank you, Rick! All good advice.:+1:t2: