New 2019 Momentum 351m

Yesterday we picked up our 2019 Momentum 351m. We spent the night in it at the dealership where they had 50amp, water and a dump station if needed. Instead of driving to a campground and having any issues we figured stay at the dealership so they can fix any problems. We ran everything and couldn’t be happier, no issues with the “Shakedown”, I absolutely love this 5th wheel.
While my better half organized the inside I installed the Haloview MC7108 Observation/back up camera (with sound and recording)instead of the Furion. The camera is compatible with the furion pre wiring if you purchase the haloview bracket and adapter wire. I am very happy with the picture quality. I was also very surprised of the reception/range that it has. I turned the unit on, drive away and it stayed connected for about 300 yards before losing connection. Sorry, I got side tracked, the Grand Design Momentum 351m is awesome.
Happy camping all.

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Congratulations! She is beautiful - love those Momentums! :clap:

Thank you, we absolutely love it.

That is one sweet 5er! :heart_eyes:

Welcome to the GD family! :+1:

:tada: A new 5er in the family! I am jealous I always wanted a deck, someday!

Thank you all and I am happy to be part of the GD Family.

We are picking up our 351m on Tuesday next week. Can’t wait. I’ve got some mods planned already. What size are the vent fans in the kitchen and garage?

Congratulations on your new 351m, we love ours. I am not sure on the size of the fan in the kitchen, maybe 14x14. We don’t have a fan in the garage but there is one in the garage bathroom if that’s what you mean. I believe they are the same size. I’ll be in it tomorrow and will let you know.

This is our first trip with our 351 that we got on tuesday.

Nice rig :heart_eyes: