Negotiating the best price from a dealer, how much room to negoicate, take it or leave it?

Hello Grand Design Nation!

I joined the site but have not become part of the GD family yet. I think I found the perfect trailer for us but I don’t know how to negotiate for the best price. Normally with a car I use a variety of websites to get the invoice price and then I know how to work it. With RV’s its seems like a crap shoot.

How do I you go about this process?

Generally online most people will tell you 25-35% MSRP is about where you want to be. Obviously with the model that RV’s are sold you won’t find a Edmonds or equivalent to help you get the best price.

Some say packages, for us that did not work out well. I ultimately had price in mind, I did’t have a trade so I just held to the price. The second time we went and were serious, I ended up leaving when we could’t come to a deal. Over the course of the next week our salesman called to followup and they came down a bit to a price that I felt comfortable.

I personally did’t not discuss cash or financing till after we agreed to a price. The only thing that tripped me up was they wanted to add a “starter package” with a hose and sewer line and battery. I refused this package as I wanted better quality stuff once I have done my research.

Good luck @SeaDog!

Make sure that you check more then one dealer. You need to be sure the price is in check.

The other advice is NEVER go into a dealer looking to buy without knowing your finance rate. Get your credit score and know roughly where you are at. The second is be prepared to put 15-20% down. If you can’t afford that much then you should consider waiting.

Have you checked out a RV show? Sometimes you can find pretty good deals without a ton of negotiating. If you already have a idea of the trailer, get a price from a dealer and shop at show.

Check out a list of shows here: