NASCAR camping, meet up?

Nation -

We want to go NASCAR camping this year on the east coast. First who has gone and what tracks would be good for fans but who have never camped.

When going to some races last year we notice some Solitudes and Momentums at the tracks. Would we like to organize a unofficial Grand Design owners meet up? Possibly we can book in the same area?

We attend the races at Dover and Pocono every year. Dover is great because you can group camp at places other then the tracks property and still be close. We have camped behind the mall as well as the Delaware Agricultural Museum.

I am all for a group meet up, keep in mind the 2019 grand design east coast meetup is not far from the track and around the time of the fall race. Wonder if other owners would be in the area that are interested.

I am in if you do this in Charlotte or Richmond.

This is exciting, I would be up for a mini rally at a NASCAR event anywhere in the summer. Gives us a destination.

We go to five Nascar races a year. In 2020 we will be taking our fifth wheel to four of them; Atlanta (March), Talladega (April), Talladega (October), Charlotte Roval (October). Charlotte Roval is a great different race and road course where you can mostly see the whole track during the race which is not common for a road course. Plus the area around the track has places to eat out and things to do. Talladega you are basically camping and racing. There is no other track and experience quite like Talladega. If you go this year let us know.