MORryde Heavy Duty Shackle Upgrade?

Fellow GD’ers!

Thanks for inviting me to the new forum. I really like the look of the forum and it seems to work well on the iphone without having to download a app! Anyhow I have a 2017 373FB and looking at upgrading to the MORryde heavy duty shake kit. Not only do I want that kit but I think the crossmembers would be a added benefit. I was wondering if anyone has worked with the kit and how easy it is to install? Should I do the disc brakes at the same time and if so MORryde or other brand? If anyone has had them for a while how easy are they to grease after you had it for a bit? Anything else I should be thinking about if I do this project myself?

Thanks for the help upfront!

I have the kit installed in my Solitude. The kit was easy to install. Just plan a bit to make sure you can access the zerk fittings.

The XFactor cross braces do seem to help with handling. I would make sure that you add one of the suspension kits. The handling of the trailer is much better and more inportant the trailer rides far smoother and so will your truck.

I am planning on doing the shock kit in the spring. I have not figure out yet which model to go with the 3000 or 4000 series morryde.

I assume the 4000 will have greater travel and ultimately a better ride.

When I contacted MORryde they said that the weight of the trailer is what determines which one to use. From what I understand 5th wheels should all use the SRE4000.

Check out this article on it!

The wet bolt kit and heavy suits shackles are fantastic upgrades. I had the X-Factor cross brace added for additional stiffening.

I am a big MORryde fan in general. They make some amazing and unique products all around. I installed the SRE4000 last year on my trailer. This is the kit that I used:

If you are going to take the time to install this, then it is obviously important to install the heavy duty shackle upgrade kit. This gives you new shackles, bushing and wet bolts that allow you can grease. Just a pump or two will be more then sufficient one or twice a year.

Then I got three of these, one each at the hangers off the frame. This helped two things actually, one strengthen the suspension but the added bonus is it hold the coroplast up a little bit better.

The difference with things shifting around is amazing. More importantly if you have ever driven on a concrete highway the bouncing between seams will drive you bonkers. This certainly helps dampen the bouncing quiet a bit.

Installation video from MORryde

Another question I get frequently is do we feet it bounce more when we are parked. I have not experienced any additional bouncing at all, most of it seems to be from the sidewall on the tires.

It was a fantastic upgrade for anyone that tows!

I never did get around to this last season. I am totally going to order the parts this year. Two major reason this is clearly a winner, first was this YouTube video on our the Morryde show the amount of ride travel.

The second was that OEM’s have been installing them with other manufactures. Obviously if OEM’s use them they can’t just be snake oil.

Are the cross beams important to the strength? I see kits that have it and, kits that don’t.