Microcell Carbon Foam AGM battery?

I currently have 6 Trojan T-105 batteries that are due for replacement. I am not exactly thrilled with the performance of them. I was looking for something better such as AGM’s. This led me to the marine community which seems to have embraced the Microcell Carbon Foam AGM batteries.

Does anyone know anything about them? I like that ray have 2x the life of normal AGM. What do you think?


Hey @TURNER so no expert but I have looked into those MCF batteries before. I remember they were all the rage on some Marine sites in the past few years. I really think it was a compromise before lithium really took hold of the market. I am confident that they offer no real benefit at the price point they are sold today.

Looking at the 12V E31 still only 50% DOD like other lead acid technologies. Yes more cycles but same DOD for long life, spec says 3600-4200 cycles. This is rated at 108ah so you only really have 54ah usable. Or you can go 100% DOD and you have 600-800 cycles. According to the data sheet if you pull 30a DC from the battery you will only have 91.5ah so with a large load you only really have 45ah usable. The price point for a 45ah battery is ~$450, I don’t see the economics for this type of battery at all.

Stick with cheeper traditional AGM’s or get a Lithium battery which will for ~$950 give you 100ah of usable capacity at any discharge rate.

I have never heard of these batteries. Does anyone else make them? It sounds like that are more or less a variation of AGM battery?

Like @TheSpareTir3 said they came out right as drop-in replacement lithium batteries became popular. They are not really worth the extra money when you compare them to lithium.