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I have a GD Reflection that has a 15k BTU Dometic Brisk air conditioner installed. For years I ran a pair of Honda EU2000’s in parallel but I was getting tired of constantly setting up two generators, the gas, oil changes and all extra stuff just to run my AC and other loads. The problem like many is one generator is typically not enough and certainly not enough for us to run any additional loads such as the refrigerator, TV’s and other electronics.

Last year when the upgraded Honda EU2200 was launched, I thought this may be a good time to upgrade to a slightly more powerful generator which would help with the additional loads. I knew even with the extra 10% of power available this was still not going to be enough to reliability run my AC. So I have heard of and started researching ways to lower the starting amps. I was seriously considering replacing the AC unit with a Coleman Mach which has a model with lower starting and running amps.

Then I ran across Micro Air EasyStart while researching for hard start capacitor kits like the SUPCO SPP6. This is a cheap kit so many have attempted to use it to help their AC on generators. It acts like a reserve of power and when the AC first starts it quickly adds more power to the circuit, which in theory lowers the starting amperage.

The problem is this does not really work that well. It does a ok job and may help in some remote circumstances but many many many people who have tried a “soft start” capacitor end up with paralleled generators.

This is where the Micro Air EasyStart comes into play. It is not a capacitor it is additional electronics that does a number of things to lower the starting amps for the AC. As you can see inside the box is not just another capacitor. It will gradually start the compressor without out that huge initial surge. This actually makes it easier on the compressor and will help to extend it lifespan. You may ask, if this so good why doesn’t all AC’s manufactures include them? I suspect the simple answer is cost of the unit. I don’t think a 30% price jump is something most RV manufactures or customer can justify for something that can’t see. According to Micro Air they make a version for Coleman AC for the Australian market and included in some marine and trucking AC units built by Dometic.


This is the kit with the external box if you want it. You simply end up double-sided taping this on to the AC somewhere.


Installation is fairly easy, it took me about 2 hours total. Most of the time was setup and teardown, also I did take lots of extra time to carefully move some wiring around. I didn’t want to cut into any existing wire so I could make it a breeze to remove later. From what I understand talking to the rep at a recent RV show the kit is even easier than the version I installed, closer to plug and play.

Once installed you need to plug the unit into grid power, not a generator. You then start the AC a few times to program the unit for your specific AC. The nice part is it has a built-in timer, preventing older AC units without timers from cycling the compressor to fast. If you are not aware, when the compressor stops it has high pressure refrigerant on one side making it even more difficult to start.

So how well does it work? Flip my Honda EU2200 on ECO mode and it will running the AC with absolutely no issues whatsoever. I normally can run my fridge, AC and TV and few other random electronics from a single generator. During the peak of the day, it can be close on power but most of the time it works flawlessly. I highly recommend any new buyer before you go rush out and buy a pair of generators, get a EasyStart first! Don’t believe me, try to find a bad review anywhere on this product, its nearly flawless in reviews. For reference with the EasyStart I peak ~17a during startup.

Here is a good video showing the installation on a Dometic unit:

How to purchase:


I am a huge supporter of the EasyStart, I am sure you can find things I have said all over the place about this product. I will (as I always do with EasyStart) look at the reviews anywhere on this product. You won’t find anyone talking about how it failed, did not work etc. :+1::+1:


Amazing device!

Added to my :shopping_cart:

Just to be clear this does not lower the running amps, just the starting amps?

It does not lower the running amps, your correct. Just the starting amps. This is what allows you to use a small generator.