Maxium water pressure in Reflection 5th wheel

What is the maximum street water pressure that is recommended for the Reflection? I have never carried a regulator as it seems I don’t need it. I just came from a park where it seemed very strong and got me thinking I should consider some kind of regulator. If I do get one do you leave it on all the time? Do people install it at the control panel or at the faucet for the hose?

I would think they are tested to 60psi like a house. I don’t know you need that much pressure given the size of RV plumbing.

I carry a regulator that is brass free and always hook it at the faucet.

Regulator is a great idea for any camper. It’s like a surge, no idea when you could have a spike in water pressure at a park.

Just a FYI, I was camping last weekend in my Reflection MKS 320 Fifth wheel we had all showered and got ready to go out to eat, when I get back to the RV the hot water hose had come off the fitting and my belly pan liner was lying on the ground from all the water that flowed out the bottom. I do use regulators, so I don’t know what happened.

I believe anytime I leave my camper I always turn off the water and WH. As for a pressure regulator…you should always use one! Put it on at the hose bib . A regulator wont stop a leak.