Looking a battery monitor, which one?

Some feedback I have seen shows the Victron series or the new GoPower. Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Victron and Trimetric come to mind as popular brands.

I will say that I installed the Victron BMV-712. I don’t even have the display mounted, I use the native Android or iOS app to view the output from the monitor. Here is a screen shot from my phone to give you some idea what it would be like. Just to give you reference, running lithium batteries, 14.4V is 100%. You can see a small .5A DC or -7 watt draw. Obviously the time remaining is roughly based on amps being pulled.

Each time you charge to full voltage, it resets the state of charge so it becomes more accurate. The key is when you first installed the 712 you must be absolutely sure that you have zero draw to calibrate it. Otherwise if you have a constant pull (which we all do) then it will register that as zero.

I am a big fan of the Trimetric monitors from Bogart.