Lets talk about bearing removal and repacking!

So, planning on taking the wheels apart and repacking the bearing on our trailer. Has anyone used the Dexter e-z-lube- zerk fitting to do the repack? How much lube do I need to use and do I need to use a specific type?

I am talking about this :point_down:

I am not a big fan of the ezlube system. People say that if you pump to hard you can blow out the inner seal. Plus you don’t really get the opportunity to inspect the bearings.

With that being said, I have used the e zlube system to change out the grease on my boat trailer during the season. Boat trailers are unique because you drive them and the bearings heat up on the way to the ramp. Then you dunk the trailer in cold water which can cause water intrusion, so it is a unique situation. I don’t want to have to take apart my wheel each time I launch, so just before we dunk I will pump once or twice on each fitting extra grease to fill up the bearings.

I would check out one of these hand packers if you are going to take it apart.


I use the e-z lube system on my trailer and yet to have pull the bearing. What I do jack up the trailer and slowly turn the tire while pumping in grease. It helps to have someone give you a hand to spin the tire while pumping. I highly recommend you put down something to cover the ground under the tires to catch the loose grease being pumped out.

I always use Mobil 1 synthetic grease.

I agree on Mobil 1 synthetic, however make sure to remove all the old grease first. You don’t want to mix grease types as the mix of greases can cause chemical reaction that will ruin the bearings and hubs.

:point_up::+1: I have done this as well but keep in mind it will take a better part of a single tube to purge out a single bearing. I would have a minimum of 5 tubes, one to “repack” bearing and a extra for any additional top off.


How often do you put grease in the bearings? Noob and potential Imagine owner here.

Depends on how often you tow your trailer. For me I will check it every 90 days or about every 1,000 miles. That means on a long trip I may top the grease off with a pump or too.

Repacking for me is a spring project.