LED dimmer switch mod

Has anyone actually installed the LED dimmer mod thaf was shown in this YouTube video?

For one I was wondering if the lights flicker at all with the dimmer, it’s hard to tell from the video. Second does anyone know where you can purchase the cover plate? Will this work with trailers other then the Imagine?

I would love to control the coach lights they are way to bright. Now if we could find a reasonable dimmer for the bedroom.

I have seen this mod on the GD Facebook account and on grand design owners forum. I happened to notice that the author has posted the 3d printable switch which seems to work in almost all Grand Design products (any other manufactures) on Thingiverse

I don’t know how much it would cost but you can find places that you can download this file and upload to a 3d printing service. I think I read that Home Depot and Lowes were going to offer 3D printing at one point. It can’t be much more then a few dollars to print that cover.

I would be nice is someone in the community that had a 3D printer offered them for sale somehow? I think there would be a ton of interest if we could get the parts easier.

Wow :open_mouth: that is seriously amazing! I totally want to do this mod. Can’t someone make a Amazon package we can buy?

So following up on this thread. I ended up printing a couple of these for my GD trailer. The fit has been ok but overtime the new style adapter become loose. The real issue is the dimmer switch does not work well for me. I am using this:

The problem is if you crank the dimmer to full power the lights flicker. If dimmed at all, they are perfect - however full power no so much. Here is the kicker, when turned up to full power and we are on shore power it’s fine. It almost seems like a voltage issue.

If I leave the lights dimm for a bit and turn it up this is not a problem, no flickering.

Anyone using a different dimmer? Anything that I should or can do to fix the flickering?

Does this apply to only certain Imagines or all Grand Design trailers?

To the best of my knowledge this works on all GD trailers up till this point. They all basically use the same size control panel port opening for the lights.

Have you folks seen the “RV 12V LED Dimmer Shootout” YouTube video by RVProject? I wonder if the gauge of wire is causing you a issue @carterman? The RVProject YouTube channel is pretty interesting in general. He is a fellow GDer with a Reflection 5th wheel.

This is seriously one of the coolest mods I have ever done. It totally confused the service guys at the dealership when I brought my rig in for service. While I appreciate all the LED’s GD installs, they are blinding and this is the perfect fit.

@carterman I had the same issue with you on that LED dimmer switch. When I am on battery and the voltage drops a bit, I start to get the flickering if the lights are not warm. I have no idea what causes it but it goes away. I tested two different switches with the same result. I suspect like most this is the wire gauge causing voltage drop.