Late 2017 gas oven

When we were looking at new trailers, we noticed that the oven in the late 2017’s come with a glass top. Does anyone know anything about this model? I was interested in possibly replacing ours, especially if the oven had a lighter of some kind.


Welcome Horace! I think you are taking about this stove correct? Dometic Stainless Steel Stove

I know it has electronic ignition but I am not sure if that is for just the burners or oven. I have seen it as well and it looks fantastic. Finally a oven that looks like it was made in the 2010’s!

I don’t think that new stove is that exact one. If you look at it in the new models it looks different.

Since the new stove has LED’s I suspect you need 12v so it would seem highly likely it would have electronic ignitor.

We have seen the new oven at the dealer. It was a fantastic change. I feel like the old black one we have now is the same model that was in our past few campers.

My favorite addition is the blue led knobs and the glass top which beats the wasted space of the old model unless you purchase a 3rd party cover.