Importance of tire pressure monitoring system

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What is the importance of a tire pressure monitoring system? If I fill my tires up before each trip, does it add any real value? I don’t understand why so many people in other forums and discussions are talking about it?

It is my understanding that the TPMS will help you identify if you are about to have a blowout. I don’t carry one now but I have been thinking about doing so for a long time.

I use the Tire Pressure Monitoring System by TST (Truck System Technologies). Checking your tires prior and during each trip is important no doubt but TPMS is a great tool. The system sends signals to a monitor inside your tow vehicle. The monitor displays tire pressure, and tire temperature of your trailer, 5th wheel or motor home as well as your tow vehicle if you choose.
Now why would you need TPMS if you checked your tires prior to heading out on a trip? Lets say you are driving along and pick a nail up. Your tire begins to lose air and as your tire begins to drop in PSI the tire heats up. Of course this is all happening while you are listening to the radio, yelling at the kids to stop kicking the back of your seat or you are being yelled at by your wife/husband. Then “BOOM” and chunks of tire and the undercarriage of you trailer is scattered along the interstate costing you a few thousand dollars in repairs. If you had TPMS you would have received an alarm while you were losing PSI giving you a chance to pull off the road to a safe area before the tires lost enough pressure and heated up before having a major blow out. Don’t get me wrong, you can still have tire failure while using TPMS but much less than not having TPMS. TPMS can save you lots of money in repairs and give you piece of mind.
just to clear the air, I do not work for Truck System Technologies. I do have a phone number for a great guy who works for the company. He goes to a lot of rallies, does lots of RV seminars and is out of the office a lot but I always received a call from him. He actually called me from the airport while heading to a convention and walked me through the set up of my system after I upgraded from a black and white monitor to a color monitor. If anyone would like his number just PM me…

I have not heard of TST, what system do you have @FundsRLow? Looks like they have internal and external sensors.

I have the 507 with 4 tire sensors. I don’t use the flow through sensors which allow you to add air without unscrewing them. The flow through ones tend to stick out to much for my liking. I always thought that it can get hung up on high grass on branches. I also changed from rubber tire air stems to metal ones. The unit can be a bit pricey but well worth it.

So you have the following system?

I don’t understand what you mean by flow though?

I will attach a YouTube link for ya, much easier this way.

I do have that system but with four sensor caps.

Humm, this looks interesting. I think I may get one for the DH for his birthday. I don’t think he knows about this.

He will be happy with that gift. When I first thought about getting one I was asking myself if I really needed it. I think it is the one thing every RVer should invest in.