Imagine 2500RL Possible Storage Space

Has anyone attempted to access the area behind the television? It seems that there is wasted space behind it which could be used for storage (or a good hiding place for valuables).

I can’t remember where but I recall someone removed the panel behind the TV in a Imagine 2950RL I believe. The found it was completely hollow and build a false panel that could be removed but allowed them to keep the TV mounted. I suspect it would be similar in your 2500RL. Just be careful when removing the panel, they are stapled pretty good. If you pry to hard it will crack the wood panel.

THANK YOU! I think it’s worth a try and…we’ll be careful😉

@Dmaz101 did you ever end up pulling the panel off? I would love to see pictures of what is beind it.

No, not yet. We’re weekend warriors who live outside of Chicago. Our camping season is coming up fast (but not here yet). We actually had 7+ inches of snow 10 days ago, but it’s 70 degrees today. So, we might give it a try week after next. No worries…I will definitely post the results once we get around to it!

I am interested as well, let us know how it comes out. I have read in other sites of folks complaining how there is a ton of empty space that could have been used for some kind of storage.