I think I made a galactic water heater mistake! 😢

So we have been using our GD Imagine during the winter on/off. We would store it with antifreeze, and refill it when it was going to be parked for a while. Well this time, I screwed up and forgot for at least 12 hours that the hot water heater was still on bypass mode. The tank got so hot, that you could feel the heat on the door to the cabinet.

What I did is turn off the electric element. Let the tank naturally cool down as to not shock it. Filled it with water, purged the air and turned on the element again.

It seems to be working but I am worried that I may have damaged the tank/plumbing/element. So I get the tank inspected or look for anything abnormal? So far it seems ok…

Open the exterior cover and check that nothing has been burnt. If it looks good and is working you are probably fine. The worst case is the element is bad.

You should be ok, how has it been working? The only thing you can do is pull the element and check that. If the tank holds water, it’s probably not damaged so your concern is the electric element.