How to secure your portable generator

I am trying to figure out the best way to secure my new Honda EU2200i. I know about the Honda handle upgrade but what is a good system to secure it (and to what) that balances someone cutting it and so its not going to be to noisy at night when sleeping (so not bolting it to the tongue).

So I already have one of these bad boys at home, ready to be installed:

ps I get it that I can get a huge thick chain. I just don’t want to have to lug around a chain that weighs as much as the generator.

Have you seen the Lockstaps before? It’s lightweight but has a steel cable going down the center. They claim it is bolt cutter resistant.

Check out the video:

I am going to throw in 3/8" pewag chain is very very difficult to cut though with even large 42" bolt cutters. It would be nearly impossible if they could use the ground as leverage and get the perfect bite.

Lockstraps have a easily destructible lock. Takes seconds with a hammer to break it. The strap is easily cut with a proper pair of bolt cutters.

It’s better then nothing but not better then chain.

I was looking into this for the exact same reason. I wanted something strong so I thought pewag chain myself but some researched showed that there is a American company making the product here in the USA, Laclede. I will put my money where my mouth is. The Westech Rigging Supply folks have it by the foot with a chafing sleeve.

I want to go with 9/32" chain because it is at the sweet spot between security and practicality. If someone brings a big enough bolt cutter to break this, then then can break the handle on the generator before the chain.