How to prevent bouncing and sway in the trailer

I need some help, when one of us walks down the length of our trailer I can feel some bounce that I can’t seem to get rid of. Honestly I have tested brand new GD trailers at a show this spring and they have the same bounce with either scissor jacks or telescopic stabilizing jack like the Reflections have.

I don’t understand what is causing it, any suggestions this is driving us nuts!

I have found the Valterra product to be fantastic. I have two of them, one is setup on the either the bumper or front tongue area (depending on if you have a 5er or TT). The other is normally on the passenger side. Each one uses friction to stop side-to-side and front-to-back shaking. Just take it out, set it under the frame and then hook the racket strap and tighten a bit.

I don’t have a picture of my exact setup, but here is a example from the manufacture. Just keep in mind this is portable, so you don’t need to install it.

I use a pair of X-Chocks myself and they are fantastic with the front to back motion. I will say learn from my mistake, make sure you level your trailer front to back before inserting them and getting them tight. If you need to raise or lower your nose a ton to get level and already have the X-Cocks tightened down, I find it stresses the tire and I am sure the axle and shackles. You may hear this loud popping when the chock shifts.

@CampingFactory have you seen the SteadyFast stabilizers? Seems many people rave about them.

If you have scissor jacks you should consider putting them on blocks. The shorter you lengthen the jack the more stable it will be. It makes the scissor jacks act more like the SteadyFast stabilizers. I have a spot in the spring I camp at each year. The rear of the trailer is WAY up in the air, I just put these new Anderson leveling blocks in my Amazon cart:

Anderson promo images actually use a GD Imagine!! Check out how you can stack them…

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@pushing_tin I literally have been waiting to buy these for a year. When I looked last year they were crazy expensive. $29 may be the right price for me.

The blocks seem so much better then dragging along wood 4x4 like we have in the past. However we have a 5er so were looking at the Anderson Jack blocks, what is kind of neat is they have a magnet on the top to attach to the feet.