How to negotiate for a new trailer?

We are totally new to RV’ing and looking forward to being part of the Grand Design family. We have the trailer in mind, trying to think about everything else may need (insurance, etc). What advice can we get about negotiating? I have ready 30-35% off MSRP is typical is that across all trailers or different markups the more expensive they get? Shows vs dealers?

Any help is greatly appreciated in advance!

The best deal is the one both parties walk away upset.

We recently did this, I would say you need to consider that you don’t have to get straight up 35% off. In most cases you need accessories, why not consider negotiating a price such as 30% and calculate that extra 5% in exchange for say a discount on supplies, hoses, surge protector, better battery etc. The markup on the products they have at most dealers is much higher than the trailer. So it’s not hard to get 40-50% off the accessories. You get a good price, and a discount on accessories the dealer sells a trailer and gets a higher margin because of all the accessories.

I would do your homework to know all the accessories that you need, especially if this is your first trailer.

I would say the “package” deal you can work is the best deal. It is not always possible to get the full 35% if you add things like hitch or brake controller to a truck.

25-30% in a package is perfectly normal.

We just went thought it, the best piece of advice I can give is have a number ready and stick to it. Don’t talk about warranty and other insurance products till you get the base number. They are paid commission in most cases, so the longer you mess around the less money they make. Be direct, but don’t be a jerk and know when to walk out. They will call you back if you are a serious buyer and come to a mutual agreement.