How to lock your trailer when in storage lot?

I have a new trailer that I need to store in a remote lot. What do you guys do to secure the trailer to make sure that someone won’t drive off with it? I liked this one from Fastway because it goes over the tongue and prevents someone from using a sledgehammer against it.

Should I secure the wheels? How about the door to the camper, do I have any options?

I use this one from Equipment Lock company because it cover over the tongue and would take a bit to cut off the tongue.

We took the plunge but got this one from Amplock because of the reviews on Amazon. I was hesitant to get a “cheep” that seems easy to get broken from a thief with a simple crowbar.

I highly recommend a quality lock, like the ones from Proven Industries. Trust me these are hunks of steel that will make it very very time consuming to cut though. More important is you can wrap your chains inside the lock so even if someone wants to steal the trailer with just the safety chains they can’t.

I frequently give the same list, it to me is all about multiple levels of difficulty. Given time anyone can get around the list but the more you do the longer it will take and more complex the job.

  • Raise the tongue up as high as it can go, especially with electric tongue jacks.
  • Use a high quality tongue lock, I highly recommend the Proven Industries as @Farva mentioned. Make sure to wrap your chains inside the lock.
  • Replace the puck lock from the Proven Industries lock with one that can’t be drilled in seconds. I highly recommend the Cobra Universal Puck Padlock with Abloy core.
  • Disconnect your battery and remove it. Bonus points for adding a Battery wire quick connect plug.
  • Pull the emergency brake disconnect.
  • Get a pair of X-Chocks and a pair of Bolt coupler pin locks. You can insert the Bolt coupler in locking section of the X-Chock so they can’t be removed easily.
  • Install a wheel boot, I have a pair. In theory a thief can lift or remove a single axle.
  • Obviously put all stabilizers down and preferably put the trailer on blocks off the ground. This does two things, keeps the tongue hight high and if they do try to drag it, they have the stabilizers hanging down.
  • Add a GPS Tracker, this one has very low monthly fees to be able to connect to a cell network and its own battery. I would put this by the fridge vent or somewhere hidden that won’t be found easily.
  • Remove your license plate if on private property in storage. Just faster to be noticed stolen by law enforcement.
  • Add a 7 pin disconnect

These are horrible videos but gives you a idea what nafarious people are doing This one gives you a idea how even with just the chains exposed someone may try to pull the trailer:

@TheSpareTir3 dude you are :crazy_face:

Do you do all that to your trailer? If so I don’t know how the hell you even go camping, it must take forever to hitch up!

I want to say I also love this tongue lock. I actually own three of them, one for each trailer. The branded lock is cheep and fairly easily picked as @TheSpareTir3 noted. I think they are actually puck lock made by Paclock, just not a high quality one.

I am going to check out the Cobra puck suggested.

The weakest link in the Proven Industries tongue lock is the actual lock the give you. For such a good product the lock is worthless. I drilled the core out in 15 seconds when I lost my key. Get a decent lock otherwise you have $200 worth of junk.

I found two other options:

Interesting Ft Knox Locks is using the puck lock I recommended the Cobra Universal Puck Padlock with Abloy core. :clap:

So the very first thing I thought, attack the hinge. I said, lets see if anyone destroyed one…YouTube to the rescue…

Two thoughts…