How to extend WiFi to my trailer from the park

My laptop does not get good WiFi most of the time. I know people get a WiFi Ranger to suck the wireless signal into their RVs. I am looking for what solutions like the ranger but I don’t have to mount on the roof. What do you guys do?

:flushed: nobody in a month can reply. @CampingFactory have you looked at a simply WiFi extender? Such as this?

I highly recommend Ubiquiti products. What I would recommend is a Nanostation M2, this is basically a high powered antenna. I am including the window mount that you can setup inside your trailer. So it will receive the WiFi signal and broadcast the WiFi signal from external Internet source. That source may be the parks free WiFi system or some other access point.

On the bottom of the Nanostation you will have a ethernet port. So you will be able to hook up wired Internet at this point. You can connect this to the WAN port on a exiting setup or get a access point to broadcast the signal.

You can get a airCube which is a cheep wireless access point