How to communicate while backing up camper?

What system do you use when hitched and backing up? Is there hand signals we need to learn or should I get walkie talkie.

Do you have a rear view camera? We use hand signals, very specific and clear. Took sometime to work through them but now we just pull in and start communicating.

Is there proper hand signals?

@Sharon26 well played :rofl:

You have to work it out with the people you go camping with. In my case, my wife and I have a very clear system of hand signals. We always show with our hands, go left - center - go right and simultaneously how far. When backing up the trailer we use the rearview camera or if hitching the truck rearview camera.

If we are going into a tight spot, normally one of us will call the other via our cell phones and just talk the person though it. We normally just need help with clearance questions and mostly only when backing up at night to the right (passenger side).