How to add state stickers to my profile?

Can you please walk me through how to add state stickers to your profile? Again thanks for the invite!

This is a great question that I thought was possibly previously covered. The forum does not use signatures so, to add a map you would use a site like amCharts:

  • Click on the states you have visited

  • Then on the top right of the map, click on the download arrow and a new menu will appear.

  • Click on “PNG” and it will download a copy of the map in PNG format.

  • If you want to go crazy, feel free to customize your colors.

  • On the top right of the page click on your profile picture, and then your username.

  • Now click on Preferences --> Profile and scroll down to User Card Background.

  • Inside the box for User Card Background is a image icon. Click on that icon and a upload dialog box will appear. Now you can select the map that was just created and upload it to your profile.

Now when a new user hovers over your profile picture anywhere on the website your background will appear as show below: