How much off a new camper?

Can anyone help us, really close to buying a brand new 2019 Momentum. I know the markup is huge but what is your advice on negotiating? Should it put two dealers against each other, does that work?

I think you mean, how much IS a new camper…

Generally 30-35% off MSRP is the going rate.

We are literally in the process of buying a 2019 trailer, probably a Imagine…from everything I read shoot for 30% off.

Someone suggested on Reddit that rather then the full 30% consider things you will need and possibly negotiate a discount at their store for hoses, chocks a better battery. I was thinking about including the spring and winter checks and maintenance in my deal.

With the way Grand Design has their dealers, it’s hard to find two in the same area. Seems most of the time they generally have a territory if that is official or not. It may be worth calling a different dealer even if it is a 100 miles away to see what they can do.

I would make sure you check out more then one dealer on the same unit. Be very serious, don’t talk about a trade. Just figure out the bottom line price for the trailer first. I would not mention how you plan to pay for the trailer as that will affect the price.

I got 35% off mine, that was good enough deal for us.

As I always say, it is best to not only look at total price but work in accessories and service. So if you don’t get 40% but you can get say fall service and a major discount on a WDH hitch you may be able to make a deal that works great for both parties.