How do you store and transport extra water?

What solutions does The Nation have for storing extra water? I have seen people with jugs and barrels but there has to be a easier way to do this. Do I need to add bleach to or something to the water if it is only a few days?

We carry the Aquatank in our compartment. When I am going to be dry camping for a long time, we just put this in the bed of the truck and fill it.

The only problem is now that you get the water into the bladder how do you get it out? What we ended up doing is using the hose for the antifreeze to allow us to suck the water from the bladder via a hose and adapter. We ended up getting a 3/4 NPT to garden hose adapter like this:

Put that brass adapter on the end of the pickup line. Then add your garden hose and switch the valve in the compartment. Turn on your pump and you can start sucking the water from the pump to a hose. Now here is where it gets a bit stupid, now we plug in the wash down hose and stick that in the gravity fill to fill the water tank. It goes pretty fast but this way we don’t have to carry a additional pump.

I have never done anything to the water in the bladder before to treat it.

Do you leave the bladder in the back of the truck all the time? How do you get it out when it’s full of water?

I use the same bladder when I am dry camping. It folds nicely and with years of service seems fine. It does get heavy and you won’t be rolling it out of the back of the bed till it’s almost empty. Normally fill it just before I need to top off my water tank. It really is so much more convenient than ANY other solution. I have seen 55 gallon water drums, IBC tote tank to 5 gallon water bottles. This beats them all!

I will say that I swapped my cap on one end (female on one end, male on the other) with one of these

Once the bladder is full it will want to squirt out all over the place. Also this may see counter intuitive but the side you are draining from should be left :point_up: up :point_up_2:. Trust me if you leave it down the weight of the water will crush the drain and it is a PITA. Pulling from the top is not a problem because the baller has very little air in it flexible.