How do you get the fancy boxes that people are posting?

See the subject, how are the maps and links made? I don’t get it…

Great question @rjkmercedes, I will pin this since it has come up more then once.

For most links if you post the URL on a seperate line it will pull a preview of the linked website. This is totally dependent on how the website was coded and if they have the correct tags to make this work. Many sites do these days…

So pasting on a separate line results in this:

For video’s such as YouTube video just click on the share button and get the link such as

Again just paste that in a separate line and it will be automatically embedded like so:

Google Maps: This is a slightly more tricky. You need the embed link to share the map on the website. Walking you though this process, first in Google Maps search for the address you want to post, select satellite or regular map view or even add directions. Anything you can do in Google Maps can be embed in the website.

To get the link you need, first click on the menu on the top left hand corner.

Next the expanded menu will appear. Look down and you will see options for Share or embed map. Click on that link.

Finally a new window will appear to provide the links you need. The you need to click on the Embed a map link on the top. To copy the URL the easiest way, click on the blue link COPY HTML or copy URL that starts with <iframe src=https://....

Now again we will just post this link on a new line on your post and here is what you will have: