Help with mice in the camper in the winter!

We have mice in our camper staying over the winter! I don’t know how they got it but they did! We checked on the camper today and I see dropping and nesting material.

Anyone to prevent this, did we do something wrong? I want to be humane and not kill them. I am also afraid if we do put a trap in, we can’t get to our camper every week so they may be in there for weeks dead. Can’t imagine that would be good :flushed:

I was looking into this issue as well. I think the most important part seems to be to check that literally all gaps are closed. That means the seals around slides and the underbelly plastic. They seem to be able to get into the tightest spaces. One recommendation I have seem on other websites is Critter Out

This keeps them from living in the RV as it is.

I have not had the problem but I will suggest you empty all the food from your rig. If you have voids some insulation can help prevent them from wanting to get it.

How about a cat :joy:

I purchased peppermint oil for Amazon. I put sawdust in a plastic container and cover it with the peppermint oil. I do a number of containers and place them throughout the camper mostly on the floor,cabinets,cargo areas. Make sure your heater vents are covered. Mice hate the smell of the peppermint and will keep them out. It’s impossible to keep them all out but the oil has reduced them from coming in by 90%… The smell of the oil is better than mothballs.

We have a camper we leave up on our hunting property year round. Always battling mice. Tried about everything (electronic devices, rodent spray, peppermint oil, moth balls, poison). As long as I keep traps baited and active I keep catching mice. Nothing seems to stop them.