Help picking Transcend bunkhouse

Can the Nation help!

My husband and I are going to bring our two kids with us camping this year. We both love the lifestyle and have a a half-ton dodge which should be more than enough truck for anyone. Does the Nation have any thoughts on the 27BHS vs 29TBS. We like the idea of the 29TBS because it has a separate room for the kids on a rainy day but not sure how that works in practice.

If we do look at the 29TBS should we look at the 32BHS? The difference seems to be the separate entrance for the kids. While we have younger kids now they won’t be out on their own roaming the campground for a few more years. We want to make sure we don’t purchase one two small.

Finally what kind of discount should we expect? Should we be looking at the spring shows coming up to buy, is that the best place? Anything that we need to buy that we can’t life without as new campers?

IMO, I would always go with a unit that has multiple entry’s like the 32BHS. If I remember correctly the Grand Design reps at a show last year said the construction is about the same as the Transcend line to the Imagine. It sounded like the lack of fiberglass and few other tweaks made it cheeper to construct then most other brands.

As for discounts it is common to shoot for 30% off MSRP. Shows are a great way to look at a bunch of units but if you are know what you want it is possible to get better deals outside of a show. You tend to have better luck in pricing in the fall than spring

Make sure to get chocks, vent covers, water hose but get the flexible kind and have 50’ worth. Get sewer line but don’t get the cheep crappy ones. For a battery, if your dealer has it upgrade to dual batteries at a minimum, or get dual 6v. You want a mattress topper and dishes and plates, spare blankets etc. Just whatever you do get a weight distributing hitch (WDH) and get it setup properly. Don’t skim on a cheep brand, get a good one!