Heading north to Niagara Falls summer 2019

I am traveling north to Niagara Falls, I found good reviews for the Niagara Falls KOA but I don’t know if any other better campground exist in the area?

Anything exciting that we should be looking to do? Vinyards, falls, restaurants? Looks like it is not far from Toronto ON. Is that a easy drive?

any help would be great.

We have going up yearly in our sweep though New England, normally traveling up from Watkins Glen, NY. A must is going to be Niagara Falls State Park got to see Cave of the Winds. Anyone going should also consider taking the boat ride on Maid of the Mist.

As far as campgrounds, if we had the grandchildren we love to stay at Niagara Falls / Grand Island KOA Holiday. Make sure if you cancel early that you let the KOA know. They have a non-refundable deposit which we lost when we broke down the way and had to change the dates.

Make sure you have your passport when you go!

and a poncho! :rofl:

There are many parks around Niagara Falls, Canada…book early. The falls is always nice to see, lots of things to do and places to eat there. Visit Niagara On The Lake, or as we call it Niagara On The Take. The area is known for grape growing and wineries. Toronto (population approx. 4 million) is about 1.5 hour drive from NF depending on traffic. I believe there is a GO train from NF to TO during the summer. You could take in a Jays game, check out the CN Tower or visit the Ripley’s Aquarium.
I don’t know what the poncho would be for other than the mist from the falls.:umbrella:
And definitely do not forget your passports.

@GandJ so we could take the train to Toronto? I did’t even consider that as a option. What about the campgrounds on the Canada side, I hear those are nicer and larger?

We were thinking of the same trip this summer! What is it like to go through customs with a RV? Anything that we should not bring like fruit, firewood (obviously guns)?

You will have to check the schedule on GO Transit website. Union Station is the main hub in downtown TO. It’s a short walk to the CN Tower, Rogers Center, Ripley’s Aquarium and restaurants from Union Station. As far as the campgrounds go, I really couldn’t say. We have our trailer in a seasonal park about 45 minutes away from NF but we don’t travel with it. There are some RV parks in and around NF that look okay. I recommend you start researching now and booking early as NF can be very busy during tourist season.

I couldn’t tell you what the border crossing with an RV is like because we don’t travel with our trailer. It is located in a seasonal park on Lake Erie. I do know from crossing the border when I purchased a bike from the US make sure all of the documents are in order and don’t give the federales on either side of the border a hard time. Most important don’t forget your passports! Definitely do not bring firewood and any sort of weapons with you. The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) website has all the information you need.