Have grands want bike rack

We are looking for a bike rack for our Imagine trailer. Any suggestions. We will probably need slots for four bikes.

The bumpers on the rear of the imagines won’t support a bike rack–they’ll break off, and the warranty won’t help since GD doesn’t recommend bike racks.

We ended up putting the bikes in the bed of the truck (which is a pain). I think the other options are having a welder weld something to the frame and attach a stout bike rack to it (the backs of TT’s take a lot of bouncing) or there is some brand that has these vertical bike racks that shoot up above the hitch/propane tanks.

As @milesandmiles noted, you will have a issue if you mount something to the bumper. They are not designed for much weight, and bouncing up and down the road caused the weight to be amplified.

The most common fix for this is for people to reinforce the bumper of the trailer. You can get a SafetyStrut like this:

Then you can be sure to carry the bikes on the back without a issue. They are fairly easy to install from what I understand, here is a video on how it is done:

Then once that is mounted, it seems getting the adapter is the best way since it opens you up to more bike rack options. So this adapter (basically gives you a receiver):

Then finally a bike rack such as this one which is a four bike version for a family:

Let’s say you wanted to go the tongue mount direction, you could get a receiver adapter like this one that mounts to the tongue.

Finally there is a company called Arvika in Canada that sells a all-in-one mount and rack system, the Arvika 7004:


I don’t know where you can buy the Arvika 7004 other then this website: Racks For Cars. Here is a review on the product, seem in other forums that many people are very happy with it.

Wow! Thank you for all of the information. This is one time that I am assigned the research segment of the purchase!

That Arvika bike rack would be fantastic for us as well. Now we just need to figure out where to buy one in the US.