Gray tank leave open or closed?

Nation How do you deal with the gray tank when at a campground? Open/Closed and why?

Always closed, you NEVER want to leave the gray tank open.

I leave my handle open all the time, I want to be able o shower will out overfilling the tank. Some people will complain about two major issues. If you leave the handle open in theory the sewer gases could travel back up the hose and into your gray tank and out the vent. This could cause a unpleasant order to campers near by.

The other major concern is that you can cause anything living in the sewer to get a direct access to your trailer with no obstruction. In most parts of the country sewer systems require a back flow prevention which is something you won’t have a on a stock RV.

I have well over 30 years experience RV’ing and I have yet to experience either of the above two issues. Just in theory it COULD happen (and I sure it has)!

I always read that you need to leave it closed so stuff going down the drain (food waste, toothpaste, etc) in the gray tank will not be trapped. If you leave it open parts of the tank will dry out and you won’t properly flush it.

I have always left my tank open…I hate it when the tank overfilled and starts to backup into the shower.

What about the people that make a trap in the sewer hose and then use a support so they always have water and prevent the fumes.

I personally have never had anything come up the drain.