Grand Design Stock Keys

Checking out the keys which came with my Imagine, it looks like the storage compartment ones are CH751, which means anyone can basically get in. I was hoping Grand Design would have more uniqueor ones, TBH.

The door keys are Global Link G361, etc. Are the keys from Grand Design any more unique than those from Thor, Forest River, etc for the doors?

The cam lock compartment doors are almost all CH751. That is why most of us replace them with something else unique.

The front door key is identical for the handle for most manufacturers the dead bolt is unique key.

This topic comes up all the time. I replaced my CH751 with Abloy Protech cam locks from Locking Systems International. The reason is 3/4 are a direct swap for the CH751 and Abloy locks have controlled keys and are extremely difficult to pick as in you won’t find a video proving that it has been done yet. If you lose the key (and key code) you need to have a Abloy special drill to hollow out the lock.

The benefit to the Abloy is if you couple that with the tongue lock you can get the puck locked key idental to the cam lock in the front compartment.

This is the puck lock I am talking about. What I love about this (rant) Cobra lock is you can swap the core out. It uses a standard T handle cylinder which can be upgraded in the future to a totally different possibly better manufacture if you wanted to.

For the door we have one of these to replace the door. Like that you can leave the keys and use the code to get back in.

Changing out the cam locks is a wise move. Everyone puts all the valuable stuff in the front compartment and literally just about anyone in the campground can open the door. What would it take to get GD to put unique cam locks on the trailers?