Grand Design Imagine vs Reflection travel trailer

We are planning on purchasing a new travel trailer from Grand Design tomorrow. My wife and I can’t make our mind on a Imagine trailer vs Reflection trailer. We are semi-retired and travel 6-8 months of the year. We are looking at real living room options and both lines would suit us fine.

The Imagine’s interior is modern which we love, the Reflection has some additional features like slam latch compartment doors and little more room for washer and dryer etc. I am not sure we need those features.

Anyone have any thoughts on the differences?

I appreciate any and all suggestions that you have in advance!

The construction is similar, I believe the side wall insulation may be a little less. You don’t have a full fiberglass front cap. Otherwise I think one big difference is the ceiling, Reflection is flat across the Imagine is arched. Another is the Imagine is ducted AC but Reflection is upgraded to a race track duct.

If you want a washer and dryer then the Reflection is going to be a better bet. It also has electric stabilizers vs the jacks.

The Reflections have full front cap with insulation, the Imagines only go down 3/4 of the way from what I understand.

Thanks everyone we are going with the Reflection! Can’t weight to be part of the family!