Grand Design fanning at ISM Raceway this weekend

I am really happy to have found a new Grand Design forum! For my first post I thought I would share how many Grand Design campers are at ISM Raceway this weekend in Phoenix. A year or two ago you could never spot one but now they are all over!

These were taken during the hauler parade from the M&M’s hauler look at all those Reflections, Solitudes and Momentums, trust me we have Imagine’s and even a Transcend floating around the lots this weekend!

Good to see all the fellow GD’ers!

I have noticed a ton of Grand Design products at the races the last couple of years myself! Glad to see GD representing! Kyle Bush’s hauler, really?!

Fun fact, I learned about Grand Design at Dover International Raceway a few years ago. They had a line of Imagine’s at the show and I was blown away by the contemporary design. As folks who travel all over the country we do a ton of NASCAR races in our adventures. I use the be the only one with a GD trailer, now they are everywere!