Golden Spike 2019, Ogden, Utah

I am a self professed steam engine enthusiast. May 10 we will be celebrating the sesquicentennial of the linking of the transcontinental railroad at Promontory Point Utah. The big deal with this event is Union Pacific has restored one of the largest and one of the most powerful steam locomotives in history the Big Boy! They are going to recreate the scene of the two locomotives coming together to drive the golden spike with the UP 844 and UP 4014. This is a once in a lifetime trip for any railroad buff…

I am taking the family (possibly begrudgingly) but we have never been to Utah before. I could use any and all advice on where we can camp close to the action. Anything else we should be doing while that area of Utah?

@UP844 I am seriously excited for UP Big Boy 4014 as well. Nice username btw… :smirk:

I don’t know where you are at but 2019 is shaping up to be the year is heratige steam locomotive restoration. The Western Maryland should have the old C&O 1309 running by July. It was going to be the most powerful steam locomotive operating till the 4014 came online:

I am also watching the Cass Sceneic Railraod which is finished or finishing up Climax locomotive, extremely rare.

In New Mexico the 2926 was fired up and just waiting to hear news of them rolling around testing it sometime this year.

Sorry I don’t know the areas for camping suggestions.

I was just looking this may be interesting to see. What boy is not fascinated by steam trains? May be a interesting place to check out but it sure seems that Ogden is far (50+ miles) from the actual point.