Going back to Grand Design Service Center, Middlebury questions

So we have a structural issue with our trailer. It is actually not Grand Design’s fault directly but a failure of a component from a vendor. So after months of working it, Grand Design called and wants us to bring or send our trailer back to the Service Center in Middlebury IN.

I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the campground at the Service Center? Do they pickup from the campground and bring it over to the Service Center? Would it be possible I won’t have access to the rig overnight and plan a hotel? Also looking for things to do in the area since we will be there a few weeks. When the guy called about it they assured us it would not be a problem but wanted to make backup plans in the event something goes wrong.

Love to hear anyone’s experiences on how it went!

I know that have a small campground, is urban when I looked it up. This is the address they show online but I don’t see the map.

Is this something that any GD owner can stay at? Just wondering since it appears to be on my way to Chicago area next summer.

From what I have read online, grand design owners can stay on the lot as long as they have the free space. I have no idea who you would check with. Since you would be passing though, it may be a good time to take a tour of the mothership.