Getting hitched 😜 - Extended warranty or service plan?

Ok Nation – we pulled the tigger and this family is getting “hitched” to our new Transcend Xplor! We are very excited as we put out deposit down yesterday. This is our first brand new trailer purchased, tons of research, all reviews lead us to Grand Design. The trailer seems perfect for us but now it is time to deal with the dealer. What are you experiences with extended warranties and services plans? Do we need a extended warranty and how much has it cost you in the past? How about the service plans to maintain the trailer. It sounds like it includes spring and fall services upfront for 5 years? Love the Nations thoughts on all of this!

Congrats on the Transcend Xplor :clap:

I don’t believe in extended warranties of any kind – full stop!

A hitch is better then a :ring: :rofl:

They offered you a service plan on a trailer? What could that possibly cover?

I agree with @TheSpareTir3 I don’t buy extended warranties on my goods. My credit card offers me a extra two years on top of manufactures warranty (for those purchases I fully put on the card, obviously not a vehicle). The major issues get worked out in the first year, everything else is fairly easy to fix for anyone mechanically inclined. I guess it is piece of mind for some folks.

My Trailer came with a Warranty Forever. I will maintain that warranty but I have no interest in anything else. The extra cost just does not make sense for the cost to repair things that break. Almost everything you are going to spend money on is wear and tear (breaks, tires etc) and the warranty does not cover that.