Generator prep no generator, any suggestions?

Our Solitude didn’t come with a generator but prepped for one. Does anyone have a suggestion on a model?

I was considering a inverter generator rather then a built-in. Anyone have experience with this?

You know some people have installed a Honda generator into that compartment. I also don’t have a generator and was thinking about going that route. The key for me was that I don’t need the extra wattage, so a more efficient generator makes more sense to me.

This is especially true if you couple the generator with a Victron hybrid inverter for example.

Interesting, has anyone actually done this or just theory? Trying to figure out the best way to deal with the exhaust and air flow to the generator.

They are designed for an Onan 5.5kw LP Generator (Requires Generator Prep). We just purchased a Grand Design Solitude with the prep and will store our two Honda Generators there until we decide to get one if needed.