Furrion rearview camera options

What is the difference between the difference Furrion camera’s that are available? I see the Furrion mount was included on the trailers but I don’t know what cameras are compatible. Do other cameras work with the mount? Would I be able to use the screen in my truck for the new camera?

As someone who bought into the Furrion camera’s they work ok but have some major issues for the price. First they are crazy expensive for what they are, no doubt about it. The camera is extremely poor quality, especially at night. Headlights from just about anything behind you blind the camera, conversely those same headlights blind you on the screen.

The new Furrion system did not upgrade the camera quality just allows for bigger screen but same poor quality. The two larger systems allow you to build up to a four camera system to monitor the sides, rear and a spare. The problem with Grand Design trailers, is they already have the rear mount so you will end up with a spare marker light camera that you can’t use. The way Furrion markets the system is the mount we have on the rear would be over the door and you could use it as a security camera when parked.

I don’t remember the name of the company but if you search around they have people who have made adapter plates for the Furrion to other camera systems. Before you waste your money, I highly recommend you look at other options.

My Furrion is junk at night, having being able to do it all over again I would’t! Furrion electrics in general is overpriced subpar quality.

Check out tadibrothers they made Furrion adapters and sell kits with much better cameras for less!


URGH – I looked at someone new Furrion Vision S. It still has the same crappy cameras, none of them were HD CCD. The night vision is still just as bad as the old Furrion cameras. You have to remove your marker light to replace them but here it is 2019 and the bulb is incandescent?! For most people who have the built-in Furrion mount you can’t use the 4th camera which was designed to replace the rear marker light for rear observation purposes. In Furrion’s system they want you to use the rear mount over the front door?

The Vision S stuff is not well thought out, over priced for SD cameras and still the same terrible display.

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I have been looking at cameras for my rig. I have read all over the internet about how people don’t really like their Furrion cameras, either issues with them dieing or the quality is not great. One options a few folks have suggested is the Haloview MC7108, which has crazy good reviews so far:

The Haloview also includes a Furrion adapter here:

I did search around and seems like the quality of the picture is amazing, especially compared to the Furrion. Sound feature is kind of good for those backing up, the Furrion does not have that.

Here is a great review from a GD’er so it has to be trusted :rofl:

What I like about it is has a built-in DVR that you can use a SD card and capture the rear review which I think is great addition.

I have been looking into cameras myself. Has anyone had the furrion and another brand? I know it’s expensive camera and some people complain about picture quality and signal issues. I assume this is the observation version everyone is talking about? Just making sure because for ~$400 the one reason I would be willing to give another brand a shot it the price.

I am wondering why not the lesser expensive one, it’s only $179?

@WBLaw the MC7101 is the older model with 800x480 resolution. The MC7108 is 1280x720 resolution or 720p. This resolution was one marketed “HD Ready” back in the day. To give you some perspective:

  • 1280x720 - HD Ready
  • 1920×1080 = HD (like your TV)
  • 3840x2160 = 4k

I would go with the MC7108. Something I have been looking for is a way to mount extra cameras without drilling a hole in my trailer. This is a magnet mount, if you get another magnet I was thinking about using that to clip it behind the front marker light on the skirting.

This would be the outside where the camera would mount:

This would be the magnet on the inside of the skirt to hold the outside:

After reading this thread, I am going to skip the Furrion and try the Haloview. The reviews are excellent from what I have found. It can’t be any worse then the Furrion but it seems it will be much better.

After watching this second review, this gave me the confidence to pull the trigger:

This Haloview is a very interesting option over the Tadibrothers versions.

I think I am going with the Haloview MC7108 and getting the Furrion adapter kit for $10. Looks like this will work perfectly, thanks all.

@FundsRLow if you get to it before me, record some video of it driving down the road at night. I really want to see how the filter is at night on the camera and if it is all washed out like the Furrion does.

I am going to swap out my Furrion for the Haloview. I really want three cameras, so I am thinking of getting the extra ones with the magnet mount to mount them on the side skirting without having to drill holes. The other option is I could design and 3D print a plate that fits under the existing marker light. :thinking:

I will take video when I use it and post it here.

How do you get another camera to work with the Furrion mount and wiring? Do you splice the wires?

I did not use the factory Furrion hook up, it should be a standard 12V though that you could splice in to. Instead after reading many connectivity issues and for not wanting to spend the ridiculous amount on the Furrion system, I purchased a wired system. Not the one listed but quite similar. I think I paid $120 then bought the extension cable for my truck. Now the cable is zip tied to the wires by the hitch and I put a grease gun cap over the end to keep connections clean. Setup was not as simple as a wireless system but not difficult either.

With the wireless aftermarket kits, you get a adapter that fits the Furrion mount. They also come with a short adapter cable that converts the Furrion plug to the camera system you get.

Hello everyone. I picked up my 2019 Momentum 351m and installed the Haloview MC7108. I purchased the bracket and adapter which is compatible with the furion pre-wired system. When I tell you this is plug and play that is what it is. It was a very easy install and this is coming from someone who isn’t the most handiest person.
The picture quality is perfect for my liking and although it has sound it isn’t the greatest but I can hear the wife cursing me out when backing.
The reception on this unit was surprisingly excellent. I had purchased a booster antenna which I do not need. I drove away with the unit on and didn’t lose reception until I was at least 300 yards away from the camera. Hopefully that test never becomes reality when in tow. The monitor is big which is good and bad. Great for viewing but it does obstruct your windshield if you opt to mount it on the dash or have it attached to the rear view mirror. I just sit it on the floor in front of the center console and peak down every once in awhile.
I haven’t tried the camera at night yet so I cannot comment on that. The camera is above the rear center marker light and I am hoping the light doesn’t flood the camera, we shall see.
So far I am very pleased and the best part is that it was almost have the price of the furion camera.

I also want to switch out my Furrion because the quality, especially at night is not great. @FundsRLow if you get some time can you try to take a picture at night and let us now how bad it is with glare from the headlights from other cars?

Extra stout I will when I get out on the road.

Came across this older thread and hoping someone has some good knowledge. I am less than a week into owning my GD Imagine 2800. It was pre-wired for a camera, but here is the best part - my truck will accept 2 trailer cameras. On my infotainment display in the truck, I can, while driving, see my hitch, view from my cab backwards, and a host of others. I want to use that spot on the back of the trailer to view what’s behind me while on the road. GM talks about this in the ‘pro-trailering’ feature thus eliminating all blind spots. The big question is how to do it. It seems like the pre-wired connection is just for power.

I am not concerned with watching the view while parked in the trailer (nice but not the sale for me) but more connecting it to my trucks native ability to use the camera view.

I am about sold on the Haloview MC7108 camera for my 37.5’ Grand Design 2021 Transcend. My questions are:
1.For a wireless Haloview MC7108 camera, do you need to drill holes even though it’s suppose to be compatible for the Furrion prep? (Yikes!). Was hoping it would be a simple plug in.
2.I’ve read where some have had a problem with getting a good signal on their monitor because of length of their rv? With my RV being 37.5’, would this be a problem?
Thanks in advance for any help!