Freshwater Tank Overflow

Was sanitizing my water tank and when overfilling the freshwater tank (fault of my own as I saw a “squirrel”) water backed up into the bedroom from under the side closet/drawer/nightstand. There is an overflow (I thought to avoid issues) but it appears since the tank and underbelly are fully covered, the water pooled until it found a way in. Should there be a hose for overflow that hangs below the underbelly cover? I have the drain hose but that is it.

You should have a overflow for the fresh tank. However it is open and it is fairly common for it to get clogged. I don’t know why the water backed up into the bedroom. We would need to know the model of the trailer to be certain but it seems like something else is wrong. Worst case is the water should be coming out your fresh tank fill.

For mine is just to the forward side of the low point drain (when looking at the fill side of the trailer). I will try to take a picture so you can locate yours. Also tell us your model number because that helps in the variation of placement of the freshwater tank.

Sorry for late response. I did not receive a notification. The model we have is a 2017 2650RK. I did find the overflow drain covered up with foam insulation but still open enough to drain.