Erratic Thermostat -- Furnace Cycling on and Off

It’s been a bit colder than we expected on our trip this spring, and I’ve had to use the furnace more than expected.

I have one of the Digital AirXcel Thermostats and the cycling is literally keeping me up at night. If I turn it on Heat, and set it to a high temperature (say 80) it will work fine and keep the trailer toasty. However, if I set it to a reasonable nighttime temperature, say in the high 60s, then after the furnace gets it up to that temperature, the thermostat is way too sensitive. The furnace will cycle on and off every minute or so, which is enough to keep me awake, since it’s loud.

Has anyone experienced this, and have any ideas? Or is this a faulty thermostat issue which I should have replaced under warranty?

I have had this happen to me before, it normally happens spring and fall when it is not quite cold enough. The problem tends to be that our friends at GD have the furnace a little oversized for all seasons and the furnace will kick on and off as it far to quickly heats up the trailer. What was the overnight tempatures?

I normally run my AC fan on with the heat because I like to circulate the heat, I also tend switch to the electric fireplace if I have shore power this time of year.

Turning on/off every minute is a bit excessive, seems like the something is wrong. I don’t know how a way you can set the high/low temperature to kick the furnace on. It may be worth sending a note to Airxcel

Overnight Temps around 40. I don’t have the fireplace unfortunately as that sounds like a good option.

I’ll reach out to Air Excel as well–thanks so much for including the link!

I can backup @TheSpareTir3 on this, the furnace can short cycle but it should not be that frequent. I would say every 5-10 minutes has happened to us before. I feel your pain, everytime the furnace kicks on, I feel like I wake up.