Dual A/C, Pulling Doubles, Pricing

Hi All, I’m new to this group. Looking to buy a Transcend 29 TBS. I was wondering if it is necessary to have a second A/C or is it just another thing they try to get me to spend my money on lol. If it has the racetrack ducting wouldn’t one A/C do the job?

Second, they don’t seem to come with a 2" receiver from the factory. As my family grows we may need to add another ATV for hunting. If I do that I will need to either get a dual ATV rack for the truck or pull doubles. Just wondering how it would be pulling doubles and if it is even possible (yes, they are allowed in my state)?

Lastly, not sure if this is allowed in a public forum, but anyone willing to tell me what you paid for yours? I know dealer mark-ups can be in excess of 10K, so just wondering what a fair offer to the dealer might be. Fair meaning they still make some money and I still get a good deal.