Dropped the hammer

Well it is official, we are part of the Grand Design Nation. Today we purchased the Momentum 351m and are very excited. We won’t take delivery until probably late April or early May which was our decision, no sense in hauling it home with the mucky, snowy, salty roads. In the meantime the awning toppers will be installed and a couple of little flaws tightened up. Once we take delivery I will post up some pictures of our set up.
Safe travels folks.

Wow, what a spectacular looking rig. Are you using the garage for toys or living space/office?

Thank you, we are very excited. I’ll be using it for toys for now. When I do the “Snowbird” thing it might become an office when the toys are out of it.

@FundsRLow looking forward to those photos of your new rig! Welcome to the Grand Design family! :hugs:

Thank you daveM. I certainly will post pictures as soon as we take delivery.

One week until pick up, can’t wait.