Dreaded Westlake tire replacement

What do other Grand Design owners do about the Westlake tires? I have a two year old rig and I am thinking about replacing them before they blow up on the road. I am looking for any advice on brands. I have heard about balancing, will that help? How about TPMS, not sure the point if they are always filled before I leave to the proper pressure.

What do you folks think?

Only one choice for the Westlake replacements… some good :us: made Google Year Endurance trailer tires!


I agree with @JessMariano78. I want to replace mine on my 5th wheel and don’t want to risk it with inferior Chinese tires. I would however trust Maxxis trailer tires - my go to before the GoodYear Endurance.

Do all new trailers come with these tires?

To the best of my knowledge all Grand Design trailers have/are currently coming with Westlake’s. Tons is anecdotal evidence that they are frequently blowing. I am going to replace mine after a season or two to get some wear out of them. The recommendation from most users is to get a TPMS system so you are alerted as soon as something goes on while towing.