DIY Warranty Work?

Has anyone had any luck with Grand Design sending parts directly to you for DIY warranty work? I have some very small fixes (interior speaker replacement, broken black knob for vent fans) which I really could do myself, but just need the parts. I could drag it in for warranty work, but it’s a pain. Any chance they would save themselves the labor cost and send the parts direct?

They sent me a new converter when mine crapped out. called the customer service dept and explained the situation and they shipped it to where we stopped the next day, took the old one to the dealer and turned it in, got the new one and went back and installed it myself. Found them very easy to deal with.

Good to know, and Thanks for your reply!

@milesandmiles did you get the issue fixed? I have also found that if you call and get a Service Manager they will do one of two things:

  1. Ship out a replacement part to your home.

  2. Some things, you can purchase a different version or brand and if you submit a receipt they will reimburse you (such as a knob for a fan if it can be sourced locally).

Haven’t followed through yet–I’ve got a service appt. booked but once I get back from this trip (today is the last day of a six week trip) I’ll make a list of what needs/does not need to be done, and determine if it’s worth the time to bring in my TT to the shop (lots of traffic between me and the shop) or just go the DIY route. We’ll have the camper stationary for a month, so it’s not a huge rush!

Just for reference what kind of issues are you seeing on your trailer? It is always nice when prospective owners read these threads in the future and they can see how sometimes issues are or/not specific to the manufacture (such as a failure of say the Dometic fridge).

@WBLaw, good point! It’s really been small beans stuff:
– One interior speaker’s cone was blown
– Knob for one fan fell and cracked (screw was missing which caused fall)
– The white plastic bracket which keeps the interior doors from swinging broke, so I need that piece of plastic and two screws
– a small piece of rubber flashing (6 inches) fell off the front slide, but there has not been any water
– Something is strange with the Thermostat when controlling the Furnace (not the A/C) with repetitive cycling. I was going to wait until September to deal with this.

That’s about it (at least that I have found!)