Disk brake conversion options?

What is everyone using for disk brake conversions for their Solitudes? I have read on some sites about Performance Trailer Braking but I don’t know anything about them? How about the Stop your trailer site that some mention? If anyone has a trusted site just let me know. Also would love to know about what it cost to get it installed. This is not something I really want to tackle, I think it would be best to find a installer/dealer combo. I am going to be roaming the South West till March 19’ but plan to go East in late spring.

I am interested in this also. I was affected by leaky inner seals on my axels and the lack of stopping power with my trailer has freaked me out. It looks like by some of these video’s that it is a fairly easy job to do for a competent DIY’er.

I would leave the installation of something so critical upto a professional!