Composting toilet’s, are they worth it?

I am looking at getting a composing toilet. I have seen some reviews and video’s on YouTube. Some seem to have bag and other just a bucket with peat moss. What options do we have and what has worked best for everyone?

Have you seen this one:

I want to know how you will vent it outside? I don’t have a exterior wall where my toilet is located. I guess that means I would have to drill a hole in the floor?

I have thought about this myself. I don’t want to drill anything into my rig so that it is more or less stock when I am ready to sell it. However, I would love the idea of a compositing toilet, especially if I can then use the black as a additional grey tank.

I don’t know much about the Laveo but most people are using the Natures Head, sometimes I suspect because it is the most documented. I also don’t have a way to vent outside easily, so I was thinking to get this mounted it may make the most sense to built a platform, then run the vent hose down through the old toilet drain and somehow snake it back up the vent which is directly behind the toilet in my trailer.

So the complication with the platform so far for me is it would need to be probably 2-2.5" tall. The heigh to the toilet is already 20" to the seat. That makes it fairly tall already, I think 22" or so would be fairly difficult to use. I don’t have room to pull it away from the wall to prevent the need for the platform, so my only option would be to drill a hole in the bathroom floor which I am not willing to do. I wish I could figure out a solution to the vent issue because I love the idea.

This is the one most people are buying…