Changing RV electrical outlets with USB

I want to replace the outlets in my trailer with USB plugs. Is there anything specific I have to do…are they special type or can I get one from the store?

I have done this before on a previous trailer. It’s really easy just pull out the outlet and swap it. The only difference is if you look at the outlet you will notice the RV style is normally wires are punched down. Carefully (lots of sharp edges) remove the wire and you will need to cut the individual strands shorter. This is because the strands have been punched into the sharp tabs and you will have exposed wire after removing it.


Finally you will need a single gang old work box. The reason RV manufacturers use this type of outlet is because the style allows the wiring to be completely insulated inside a removable box to meet electrical code but smaller then needing a standard electrical box.

If you have the room just get a old work single gang box, trim the hole to fit and you will be all set.

I highly recommend that if you are going to go the USB route, future proof yourself. Many many items are switching from USB-A connector to USB-C connector. Get yourself one of these that has both!

They do make pure 12v USB outlets, keep in mind these only work when plugged into AC power. Otherwise you won’t be able to use them, the 12v ones work anytime you have 12v power.

Something like this

or this

I took mine apart yesterday and I see how it is punched down. Do I just rip the wire from the back of the existing plug?