Camping Washington DC!

Ok Nation, what is the best place to stay new Washington DC?

The only choice here you should consider is Cherry Hill Park in Maryland :+1::+1::+1::+1:

We have stayed there a number of times and they keep making the place better all the time. The most amazing part is they have a bus stop directly inside the park. You can just walk over, get a ticket and ride the bus to the Metro station. The folks at the front desk have a ton of experience and can guide you though the process. It makes it super easy to go in and out of Washington, DC. If you want something with more flexibility, the Metro station is one exit away on the highway. This exist is dedicated to a huge Metro station with more than enough parking on most days (especially weekends).

The park is well kept, the sites are level and well groomed. No issues with hookups reaching. They have a water playground and mini golf. The hall is great and the pools is perfectly situated. We have actually seen people have their wedding in the park it is so nice. Don’t be concerned about the highway being close on the map, you don’t even notice it in the park.

Down the street is a grocery store and plaza with a Starbucks.

Cherry Hill Park is absolutely perfect! :+1:

This campground looks amazing!