Camper water filter - what to get?

We are starting to research and order supplies for the year. What does everyone use for a water filter and do you drink from the onboard tanks? We just want to cut down the amount of bottled water we are buying, no reason if we have clean water.

I for one carry a Berkey. I also keep a small water bottle in the basement compartment with a little unscented bleach and water. I fill the tank about 1/3, then I add the mixture and then fill the tank. I following this guide from the EPA

As for the Berkey we have Big Berkey which is enough for us for most of the week. I will say you use allot of water you need to plan ahead as it does take some time to drip through the filters.

I carry the travel Berkey to make some water. The wife likes bottled water so that is our primary drinking. To keep the tanks fresh we get a cheep in-line filter like this and replace it around every 6 months

I will suggest you consider a 90 degree adapter, I find it hard to come out of the water compartment hookup through the port to the outside.

Noob here — In a campground it’s just a hose, right? Is that safe to drink, would not think so. If we don’t want to drink it what benefit does the filter do?

Typically when we arrive a campground we will turn on the faucet lightly and wash the hose barb threads a little. Then we hook up the hose and run the water for 20-30 second for two reasons:

  • Run and stagnet water from the supply line, not knowing how long that site has been empty.
  • Clean and debris and anything else out of the hose before attaching to the trailer.

Then we will hook up the water line to the trailer and flush each faucet starting with the furthers one first to get both the air and stagnate water out of the line. At this point I add a couple of gallons of water to the onboard tank. Then I add a bleach solution to the tank much like @JessMariano78 suggested above. When we tare down after we are done we store the hose and run the pump with the bleach water to full the pipe to keep them fresh before the next trip.

If we have not used the trailer for a month or so we will fill the tank full with the bleach solution and drive around a bit. This is so we sterilize the tank in the event we go dry camping and will be using the tank.

We don’t carry a water filter for drinking but that is a excellent idea over bottled water.

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Wow that was thorough @TheBowlers!